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We're a Houston based consumer products manufacturer with a keen focus on Exclusivity, Sustainability, and Quality in skin products.  We make our consumers long term safety a top priority, by minimizing the use of fragrance and other known harmful ingredients, and replacing them with carefully selected essential oils that provide additional vitamins and minerals, in a non-fragrant scented formula.  We replace the use of ingredients that contain sulfides, parabenes, and other active compounds, by replacing them with organic ingredients that have an equivalent utility function.  We apply this concept to all our products, ranging from hand-sanitizers, to shampoo, and soap.

Our Team

We're a small team of Engineer, Entrepreneur, Accountant and Business folk, filling in a demand gap for products that are less likely to come from large scale manufacturing.  We simply desire to make a positive impact in the everyday products we have access to and consume.  Most of us walk into stores and purchase products without giving second thought to the harsh chemicals we put on our body, on a daily basis.  Well, we've got you covered!  Our products take it all into account. 

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